Sponsored by Kraft Heinz THE MAIN AGE STAGES.
STAGE I (Beginner) SINGLE-INGREDIENT FOODS Wait about 2 days between introducing each new single-ingredient food. Your baby will get to experience new tastes and textures individually and you'll be able to monitor for any allergic reactions. STAGE 2 MULTIPLE-INGREDIENT FOODS (6+ months) Heinz Stage 2 will introduce your baby to a wide variety of new taste experiences. Encouraging your baby to enjoy lots of different tastes can help develop lifelong healthy eating patterns. STAGE 3 (8+ Months) INTRODUCING LUMPS At this time, babies are generally ready to eat a bit more and start chewing. Heinz Stage 3 foods are chunkier, containing small pieces that will encourage chewing but can be swallowed whole without any difficulty. They also include more sophisticated taste combinations for your baby's continually developing palate and come in larger sizes. STAGE 4 (12+ months) TODDLERS Heinz Stage 4 Foods encourage continued development of chewing skills and provide nutritious choices as your toddler transitions to regular family foods.