Schneider  Whole Smoked Ham

$7.80  (est.) ea

 $33.90/kg $3.39/100g
Average weight is 0.23 KG

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Schneider  Whole Smoked Ham

  • $33.90/ 1 kg
  • $3.39/ 100 g
  • Product Number:   20049837_KG

    Product Description

    Ham is the thick cut of meat taken from a pig's hind leg. It is commonly cured and sometimes smoked and aged before becoming available in-store in uncooked (fresh), partially cooked, or fully cooked form. A whole roasted ham with a pineapple or brown sugar glaze makes a hearty and satisfying meal for a large group of people, while cold slices of cooked ham go well on a sandwich with cheese and mustard.