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Are you going to be posting your weekly flyer on-line?

On-line flyers can be found in our "Weekly Flyer" section under "Flyers & Offers". They are updated weekly and customers have the ability to make a grocery list.

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PhotoLab - What kind of hardware or software do I need to use the website?

You will need Netscape Navigator 7.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (or later versions of each).

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Why does my computer freeze when uploading prints?

Sometimes when uploading images, your computer will appear to freeze. This occurs because the computer is so busy uploading, that it doesn't have time to respond to your other requests. If you leave the computer alone for a minute, everything will return to normal.

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What software do I need to upload to order prints online?

The website is optimized for Windows 2000 and XP. Internet Explorer 6 and above and Netscape 7 should work fine. However, you will need Java enabled. To do this, go to your Internet Options and make sure that the Java Enabled checkbox is checked. To do this, open your Internet browser, go to Tools -> Internet Options ->Security Tab -> Click Custom Level -> Scroll down until you see 'Microsoft VM' and make sure it is not disabled. For Netscape: go to Edit -> Preferences->Advanced -> make sure 'Enable Java' is checked.

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How do I save my PhotoLab receipt on my computer?

Once you have placed an order with Photolab, we encourage you to keep your receipt by bookmarking it.
To save your receipt, follow the steps below:

1. On the Thank you! screen, click the order number. Your receipt with your order information will appear.
2. Select Click Here to bookmark this page. An Explorer window with your Favourites Internet folder will appear.
3. Browse to a folder or create a new one.
4. Once a folder has been selected, click OK.

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Is the PhotoLab site secure for credit cards?

When you enter information on the Photolab site, the information is encrypted using the highest standard available, 128-bit security software to send and receive any credit card information for your orders. Encryption is the process of taking the characters you enter at your computer keyboard and scrambling them into bits of code before transmission. The bits are securely transmitted over the Internet to be deciphered when received by Photolab's Online Internet Service Provider (ISP). To anyone else, the information would be unreadable. back to top

Is the Flower Markets site secure for credit cards?

The Floral Shop site uses 128-bit (the highest standard available) security encryption to send and receive any credit card information for your orders. If you are not comfortable using your credit card over the Internet please telephone our customer service and we will process your order and credit card details over the phone.

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What is my browser cache and why should I clear it?

Caching refers to your browser's ability to store visited web pages on your hard drive. Caching is helpful because it allows a page to be accessed from your hard drive — instead of from an Internet source. This can help you access pages more quickly. However, if your browser retrieves a page from its cache instead of the Internet source, the page displayed may not be the most recent version. It is important to periodically clear your browser's cache so your browser can retrieve an updated version of a page. It is especially important to clear your cache if you have received an error message and are trying to correct the error. See your browser's help menu for more information on performing this function. 

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What is encryption and why do I need it?

Encryption refers to the practice of scrambling data so unauthorized parties cannot decipher it. It is important that your confidential information remain secure as it is passed between your PC and the issuer's server. To ensure your information is as secure as possible, we require that your browser use 128-bit encryption. This is the most secure browser technology currently available. 

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My computer screen does not display an entire page. I have to use the bottom scroll bar to view all the information. How can I reduce the scrolling?

The scrolling results from a combination of your desktop settings and your display font settings. The website has been optimized for a desktop setting of 800 by 600 pixels. To change your desktop setting in Windows 95, select Settings and Control Panel from the Start button. Double-click on Display and then click on the Settings tab. Under Desktop Area, drag the slider to see the settings available. Your monitor and display adapter determine whether you can change your screen resolution. You can achieve the optimum results by selecting 800 by 600 pixels as the size of the desktop area. In Windows 3.1, open the Main program group in Program Manager. Double-click on the Windows Setup icon and then select Options, Change System Settings. Choose the Display option and select an 800 by 600 display if available. You may need to use your graphics adapter or Windows install disks to complete the process. You can also reduce the scrolling by changing the font size in your browser. When using Netscape, select View from the Command Menu, then choose Decrease Font. Repeat these steps if necessary. With Internet Explorer, select View from the Command Menu, then choose Internet Options and Fonts under the General tab. Click on the Font size arrow to select a smaller font.

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Can I check stock availability online?

Unfortunately, at this time customers are unable to check individual store product availability; however, you can access information about some of the products that we offer by visiting our website at

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Are you going to be offering on-line grocery shopping?

There are no plans at present to make widely based on-line grocery shopping available in the near future. We do offer on-line shopping in the areas of flowers, photo finishing, PC Gift Baskets and of course our President's Choice Banking, with more to come. Check back often to catch up on our new features and services.

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